Whether you have paid for your aligners in full using your credit card, FSA or other card, or you’ve taken advantage of our easy and convenient financing process through our partner Affirm, your aligners are all sent to you in one shipment, including your retainer, Daily White Fusion foam, and SnapWhite whitening kit.

Let’s take a look at why receiving all of your aligners will make you smile!


You Don’t Have to Wait for Each Set!

Our SnapCorrect, Truly Invisible  Aligners are sent signature required. We will email you the tracking number when they are shipped, so that you know what day you need someone to be home to receive them (or are able to schedule a redelivery for a day you will be home).

Because you will receive all of the aligners in one shipment, you will only need to keep track of the delivery (or pick up at the post office) one time!


Lose an Aligner? Go Ahead to the Next One!

If an aligner is lost or broken, we recommend proceeding to the following aligner. Because you already have them all, it’s easy to go straight to the next aligner. Just make sure to wear it a little bit longer to give your teeth, gums and other tissue more time to adjust.


See What your Teeth will Look Like at Each Step!

Want to know at exactly what step your gap will close? You can check the rest of your aligners to find out! You can even look at your last set to see what your new smile will look like at the end!

All of your SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners are delivered straight to your doorstep, and opening that package is guaranteed to make you smile!