With SnapCorrect™, not only do you get a beautiful new smile, but also whiter teeth! Not only do we send you a free whitening pen when you complete the online assessment, and a bottle of Daily White™ Fusion™ whitening foam, but we also send you a SnapWhite teeth whitening kit with free whitening gels for life! It doesn’t get any better than that!

We recommend finishing the aligner treatment before using the whitening kit, as it is much nicer to have whitening trays molded to your nice new smile than the way your teeth were aligned earlier during treatment. Whitening your teeth could also involve leaving your aligners off longer than recommended. But once your aligner treatment is finished, you will have a bright white smile if you use the whitening treatment twice a year.

If you do mold the whitening trays to your teeth before you have finished the aligner treatment, snapwhite.com also has the option of purchasing additional whitening trays instead of a whole new kit.

It is not recommended to use the aligners or retainer as whitening trays, due to how snugly they fit to the teeth. Any gel you put into them would get pressed out. But you can still use some of your Daily White™ Fusion™ to whiten your teeth with the aligners instead.