7% of people have lost at least one permanent tooth by age 17. But choosing to replace that tooth with permanent dental work does not disqualify you from using SnapCorrect truly invisible aligners, even if it is a type of dental work that cannot be moved.

Implants cannot be moved, but it may not affect your Treatment Plan if you only have a few of them.

Crowns can usually still be aligned, but we still need to know which teeth they are on, and, if you have more than one next to each other, whether they are bonded together or separate.

Veneers are the only type of dental work that may not work with the aligners, due to how the frequent insertion and removal of the aligners could affect them.

When you order your Impression Kit, the first step in our process is the completion of a Consent to Treat form. This gives you the opportunity to let us know what sort of permanent dental work you have. We will also need to know which teeth they are on, because they are sometimes hard to see on your smile selfies.

The form also asks about how recently you have been to the dentist, partly because crowns and some other dental work may need replacing every few years. Therefore, if you are not sure whether your crowns, caps or other dental work need replacing, this is a great time to schedule your next regular dental visit.