Straight Teeth Get Fewer Cavities!

Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss, and won’t get as much plaque building up in places that are difficult to clean. This means less risk of gum disease or cavities!


Less Spaces means Less Jaw Bone Loss!

When there are spaces in between your teeth, your jaw bone may be losing some of its density. But by straightening your teeth, you can allow your jaw bone to stay healthy.


Straight Teeth are Less Likely to Break

Teeth that stick out or in, or come together at unusual angles, are more likely to break if they hit something. Straighten your teeth, and they are less likely to be broken.


Be happier!

When you smile, nerves in your face are stimulated that make you feel happier. And people with great teeth smile the most. So straighten your teeth with SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners and start showing off those pearly whites.