If you have received your Impression Kit, you have been given a cheek retractor for taking photos of your teeth. You may be wondering what the use is of a cheek retractor once you have already sent us your Smile Selfies. But never fear—the cheek retractor fun doesn’t stop there!


Your After Photos

You have a before photo, so why not take an after photo? Once your aligner treatment is complete, use the cheek retractor to send us your Smile Selfies again. Only this time, they will show your fabulous new smile! Send us your before & after pics, and if we use them on our website or social media, we’ll send you a cool gift card!


The Cheek Retractor Game

The cheek retractor can be turned into a fun game you can play with your friends. Challenge each other to sing a song or recite a monologue while wearing the cheek retractor.


Whiten your Teeth

Whitening your teeth with our free whitening pen involves smiling wide for 60 seconds or more. By applying the cheek retractor, you can make sure to paint all of your teeth with the pen more easily. It will also keep the gel on your teeth better. The same method could also work with our Daily White™ Fusion™.


See your Teeth if you Need to

If you think you might have a wisdom tooth growing in, or have chipped a tooth, but you’re not sure, apply the cheek retractor to more easily see what it is. You’ll have a better idea of what the problem is so that you know what to tell the dental office when you call them.


Get Creative!

The cheek retractor could help you in all sorts of everyday situations. Walk down the street on a normal day while wearing the cheek retractor, and see what sorts of reactions you get. Use it to scare trespassers. Wear it on Halloween. The ideas are endless!


Have any novel ideas? Let us know! Share your genius and pics at snaps@snapcorrect.com!