We Send all of your Aligners in one Shipment

All of your aligners, which you will need for the duration of your entire treatment, are sent to you all at once. They also come with your first aftercare retainer, a bottle of Daily White™ Fusion™ whitening foam, and a whitening kit with a coupon for free whitening gels for life.

Because your package is precious, we ship it ‘signature required’. So make sure that someone will be home to sign for them, or that you are shipping them to an address where you will be at the time of delivery. You will receive tracking information, so you can plan ahead for the delivery date. (But don’t worry, if you miss the postal carrier, you can pick them up personally or schedule a redelivery.)


Your Aligners need to be Worn for 20-22 Hours per Day

Wearing them for at least 20 hours a day is crucial to the success of your treatment plan. Take them out only to eat, and to drink anything other than cool to room-temperature water. It is also important to brush and floss your teeth before putting them back on after eating, to ensure your continued dental health. The last thing you want is food particles stuck in the plastic.


All Dental Work needs to be up-to-date

When you start the process with us, we send you a form to fill out about your dental health. So if you have not had x-rays in the last year, or a regular dental cleaning in the past 6 months, now is the perfect time to take care of that.


You May Feel some Discomfort while Movement is Happening

Depending on what is being corrected within the mouth, you may feel some discomfort, or your bite may feel a bit strange as the teeth are being moved into alignment. However, even if you do not experience any of this, your teeth are still moving.


Keep your Smile in place with your Aftercare Retainer

Your first aftercare retainer is included for free, and wearing your retainer is essential to keeping that new smile you worked so hard to get.

Our dental team recommends wearing the aftercare retainer all the time (20-22 hours per day) for at least 4 months, as the teeth get used to their new position and the gum tissue heals from movement. This helps prevent the teeth from relapsing. After that, you can taper off to wearing it only at night, and then even to a couple of nights per week.

Be aware that some teeth may be more determined to relapse than others, depending on what corrections took place, and the retainer needs to be worn more often again if it starts feeling too tight. Aside from wearing the retainer all the time for at least 4 months, the amount of time the retainer needs to continue to be worn at least at night is different for each person, depending on the corrections that took place during treatment.

Most people find their retainers last up to 3-6 months. We strongly suggest you always have at least one back-up set of retainers on hand, in case yours break or get lost. To order another retainer, call our customer service representatives right now. We also have multiple order discounts!