Have you heard everything there is to hear about straightening your teeth? Here are five myths about straightening your teeth debunked, which show just how much of a snap it is to align your teeth with SnapCorrect.


Straightening your teeth is expensive

It doesn’t have to be! With SnapCorrect, you can either pay one easy payment of $1749, or take advantage of our easy financing options. Your SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners are affordable and delivered straight to your door.


Straightening your teeth takes years

Most new smiles with SnapCorrect take 10 months or less, sometimes as little as three! And without regular in-office visits throughout the process, SnapCorrect aligners save you endless days of appointments. How convenient is that!?


It is uncomfortable to straighten teeth

If you have worn braces, you may remember how much it hurts to move teeth. However, SnapCorrect aligners are much more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. Some discomfort is not unusual, as teeth are still being aligned, but you will be skipping most of the pain and hassle that come with braces.


You can’t enjoy your favorite foods

With invisible aligners, you can! That corn on the cob that you can’t eat with braces can still be on your menu. Just take your aligners out to eat, put them in a safe place, and make sure to brush and floss before putting them back on.


You have to visit an office

Though not everyone is a good candidate for invisible aligners, we can correct most mild to medium malocclusions. Our aligners (unlike many others) can even move molars! If our team of dentists and orthodontists have deemed you a good candidate, it means that our aligners can align your teeth without your having to visit an office to straighten your teeth.


With SnapCorrect aligners, straightening your teeth has never been more convenient, affordable and even fun! Your friends probably won’t even notice that you are straightening your teeth until they see how great your new smile is looking!