It’s the season for redefining your goals! Between 80-93% of us will set New Years resolutions, but a lot of motivation is needed in order to stick to them. Undergoing your aligner treatment can actually help you achieve some of the new goals you have set for yourself. Here are some common New Years resolutions that wearing your SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners can help you with!

Quit Smoking or Drinking

Upon starting the new year, a lot of people set out to quit smoking or enjoying alcoholic beverages. Or perhaps you are hoping to cut down on caffeine this year. Wearing clear aligners can help, as they need to be removed when smoking, and when drinking anything other than cool to room temperature water. That smoke break may start to seem less worth it when it means taking more time brushing before putting the aligners back on.

Lose Weight and/or Eat Healthier

Similarly, wearing your aligners can help with weight loss, which is another common New Years resolution. Because the aligners need to be removed for every meal or snack, and the teeth brushed afterwards, any snacks you feel tempted to reach for might seem a little bit less worth it.

Make Time for Family and Fun

Straightening your teeth with your SnapCorrect aligners doesn’t take any time away from your schedule for orthodontic visits, so you can make all of the travel plans you want, and spend plenty of time with your family and friends. If you’re planning a fun getaway, take your next set of aligners with you and you’re set!

Your aligners can help with other New Years resolutions as well, simply by adding a new task to your routine. Taking care of your aligners and switching to the next one every two weeks helps you plan ahead and stay motivated!