Getting married? Wish you could have that beautiful straight teeth smile for your wedding photos, but don’t think you can do so in time? You’ve got too much to worry about and plan already, right? It all takes too much time and money, doesn’t it?

Think again!¬†Straighten your teeth in time for your wedding, from the comfort of your home, with SnapCorrect Truly Invisible Aligners. It’s a snap! (and, yes, it’s super affordable!)

Look great for your wedding photos while wearing the clearest aligners out there.


There are no office visits required

Outside of your regular dental visits, our aligner treatment does not require you to visit the dentist multiple times per month. Instead, we ship all of the aligners to you in one convenient shipment, which also includes your first aftercare retainer.


Align your teeth without the significant expense

With SnapCorrect truly invisible aligners, you can straighten your teeth at home for a fraction of the cost of traditional braces. This way, most of your wedding planning focus can be on the venue, photographer, and everything else that makes your wedding a success.


Whiten your smile at the same time

With your aligners, we also ship a bottle of Daily White Fusion whitening foam and a whitening kit with free whitening gel refills for life. With this added bonus, your smile will be truly dazzling!


Aligning your teeth doesn’t have to be another daunting item on the wedding to-do list when it can really be so simple. Once you have done impressions, approved your Treatment Plan, and started wearing the aligners, all you have to think about is changing them out every two weeks. Your focus can be on planning the rest of your wedding -and your life.