With your SnapCorrect Aligners, you can still eat your favorite foods by removing your aligners at mealtimes. That’s not so easy with traditional metal braces! But while they can be removed for up to 4 hours total per day, leaving them off for more time than this is not recommended.

With every little bit of movement that a tooth undergoes, the gum tissue around that tooth needs time to settle and heal with the new position of the teeth. Without being held in place with the aligners, the progress that the teeth have made for most of the day will be lost.

Just like moving through the aligner steps too quickly, not wearing the aligners for the recommended amount of time can keep the projected results from being met.

Straightening your teeth without metal in your mouth is a breeze! But for the best care of your pearly whites, the prescribed treatment of wearing each aligner for 20-22 hours per day, for two weeks each, must be followed. In a few months of aligner treatment, you will be glad to have a great new smile!