Don't get us wrong, Invisalign® works well. So, what's the big problem? Well, the biggest problem is: they're expensive! Invisalign® needs to be administered by a dentist. The dentist can charge whatever he/she wants — over the course of treatment, you're the one stuck with the big bill!

The other problem with Invisalign® is the misleading name. Invisalign® gives you the impression that the aligners are "invisible". Unlike SnapCorrect™ Truly Invisible Aligners™, they're simply not. Our aligners are so much clearer, and dentists are now coming to us to request aligners for their patients (and, of course, just like Invisalign®, dentists will mark the price up).

The difference is clear (literally!) — just look at the images below:



Invisalign® requires that a dentist puts "attachments" to your teeth, which are like small anchors for the aligner to work on your teeth. With SnapCorrect™, there's no attachments necessary!

Before being sent to the dentist, Invisalign® aligners are manufactured by Align Technology, on a 3D printer, no less. Once the dentist receives them, the price can be increased by thousands of dollars above the manufacturing cost. Why pay the middleman so much for simply handing your aligners?

Imagine all the time you'll save (and all the money you'll save!) by not having to go to the dentist every month for your new aligners. Why waste your time and money when you don't have to? If you're considering Invisalign®, you're lucky you found us! SnapCorrect™ Truly Invisible Aligners™ offers confidence and the same results, at a fraction of the cost!

Why Choose SnapCorrect™?

  • CLEAREST ALIGNERS in the industry, BY FAR, which is why our slogan is Truly Invisible Aligners™.
  • Lowest prices in the industry, plus we offer financing.
  • Quickest treatment in the industry (as fast as 3 months in some cases).
  • Customer service that will leave you smiling.
  • No monthly visits to the dentist.

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